BFC Weddings gives you the opportunity to produce a lasting vision of your wedding through two lenses. The first is to coordinate with our videographers to orchestrate the scenes you imagine for your movie. From running through a lush wheat field with a drone overhead to walking hand in hand across a golf course while a photographer captures sweeping shots of your dress; anything you can dream of, we are excited to film.

The Kraemer Wedding Movie

The Worley Wedding Movie

The second lens will focus on all the special moments in between. Our Directors of Photography will capture the raw excitement and splendor of your wedding, highlighting the day with creative, candid shots to produce unique memories and perspectives that will have you smiling for years to come.

The Forwood Wedding Movie

The Jaquinde Wedding Movie

The Williamson-Rea Wedding Movie

The Eno/Hazar Wedding Movie

The Edwards Wedding Movie

The Cookson Wedding Movie

The Hamoda Wedding Movie